Future plans and upcoming projects

If we win the lottery we might be able to get all of these done, if not, well we can always dream and set goals for ourselves. We like having challenges so here, broken down into several categories, are a few of the things we want to accomplish. As we complete these, we will move any pictures over to our completed projects web page. Someday this page might become blank! You think?

Home Projects To Do List

Dome Home To Do List

Owning a home means one is never done with projects and maintenance issues. We got plenty, here are the highlights and will update with pictures as progress is made.

  • Build a coy fish pond below our sun room.

    A big project coming up is to build a coy fish pond below our sun room. Marc has been going to eastern Oregon for several years now to visit his uncle and cousins. They have a lot of rose quartz on their range and there is a lot of salt and pepper granite in Eagle creek. Marc loves these rocks and has been bring home as much as his car can carry, each time he goes over for a visit. This will form the edge of the fish pond and a waterfall.

  • Repaint kitchen and master bathroom.

    Our two big doggies have been harsh on the kitchen walls. We only allow them in the kitchen and not the rest of the house. And they often come in muddy and shake off splattering the walls. As for the master bathroom, neither Marc or Steph like the way the lavender colors turned out, so this will be a complete redo probably a desert red and yellow theme.

  • Re-tile kitchen floor, re-cork the living room, install new rugs.

    The tile on the kitchen floor is very dangerous when tired old wet feet are walking on it. Nor do we like the pink color much, so it has to go. The cork floor in the living room and hallway is worn out and needs replacing, and the rugs in the master bedroom, stairs and cupola is shot.

Computer Projects

Computer Projects

  • Set up Linux media center and bring it fully on-line accessible through Marc's servers.

    This is partially complete but we need to fully integrate our Linux media center computer with the rest of the components and design an easy to use interface to control it all.

  • Build a web app to use our telescopes online and accessible from the internet.

    Another partially completed project, software has been written, just need to hook it all up to a telescope.


Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

  • Take a vacation to Sweden.

    Marc wants to take Steph to Sweden and show her around. He lived there for over 2 years and it would be fun to go back an visit old Swedish friends.

  • Build an array of solar panels.

    We plan to do our part to fight climate change by installing an array of solar panels and solar water heaters. We also plan to get an electric car and use our solar panels to recharge it.

Featured Project


This is our most recently completed project. More

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